Welcome to HMM Business

Welcome to HMM Business

HMM Diagnostics GmbH has been a pioneer in the development of innovative products and services for many years.
For our business partners, we offer attractive solutions in the area of E-Health, Telemonitoring, Connect Health and Product Portfolio extension that can be customized according to your wishes.
Our services are divided into different categories, which you will find below.

Our Services


Are you looking for a solution to collect vital data an connect measuring devices to your system?


SMARTLAB Distribution

Do you want to be part of a growing german brand?



Are you looking for new products with your name on?


About HMM

We are an innovative, manufacturing and distributing company in the field of medical technology, health care, fitness and wellness with a wealth of experience of over 12 years in the German and international market. Our main focus is the development and production of innovative products and services that meet the needs of the market. With our own in-house production, we as a German company have the opportunity to implement and expand developments. We are also gaining ground in the area of IT, app and software development, especially in the areas of health care, data transmission and telemonitoring. Thanks to our many years of experience in various markets in various industries, we have acquired a great deal of knowledge, which we can ideally use for the implementation of your projects. Contact us today and make an appointment!

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